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Replica Chopard Watches Customer Ratings and Reviews From watcheverywednesday.com

Last Customer Ratings and Reviews Of Fakes Chopard Watches

Replica Chopard 15/8331 Round Japan Automatic CM02008 Watches For Sale
US $263.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Ntombizodwa Msezane From United States Howard Beach
Date: 01/10/16 20:25:20
5 Stars
Magnificient Workmanship! Diamonds are around 0.35TCW, very bright and clean - sparkle with every movement. It can bearly fit my 6 1/2 wrist. This watch is stunning and stylish! I am happy with this purchase.
Replica Luxury Happy Sport Chopard 27/8250-21 Stainless Steel Womens CH01642 Watches
US $270.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Zoe Reddick From China Minhang District
Date: 01/10/16 01:37:01
4 Stars
Is a nice looking and durable Replica Luxury Happy Sport Chopard 27/8250-21 Stainless Steel Womens CH01642 Watches watch to where and have for everyday use if you want to use it that way.
Replica Chopard 27/8949 CH07071 Stainless Steel Tang Watches AU
US $264.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Frank Napolitano From United States Springfield Gardens
Date: 01/09/16 23:49:46
4.5 Stars
I happen to own this Happy Sport Replica watch and it is rather stylish and get a lot of attention. I will recomend it to anyone.
Chopard 168997B Round Automatic CM04231
US $269.00 / piece
Reviewed by: MASSON From USA Olathe
Date: 01/09/16 16:41:49
4 Stars
Original way of using gems as numbers. I bought it in green at full price, but returned it thinking...well...Grandma needs her insulin, but at this price, and I got the blue, it is unbeatable!
Designer Replica Chopard CC09304 Black Womens Watches
US $259.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Kirsten R From USA Mandeville
Date: 01/08/16 13:32:55
4.5 Stars
I received the Chopard watch and wore it the following day - which is unusual for me.It is so whimsical, I love the alligator feet lining the crystal and that the hands on the dial are of a snake design. This has become a staple for me. My only request is a white band please!
Luxury Chopard 168511-3001 Mille Miglia Stainless Steel Tang CM02648
US $272.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Pauline W From United Kingdon Manchester
Date: 01/07/16 14:35:25
High Quality Replica Mille Miglia Chopard 16/8997-3005 Round Mens CM01823
US $277.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Nicole Jackson From Australia Hobart
Date: 01/07/16 07:57:36
5 Stars
Excellent enthralling Chopard watch and very good price
Luxury Replica Chopard 161268-5001 CM07068 Mille Miglia 18k Rose Gold Mens
US $278.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Keith R From Australia Upper Sturt
Date: 01/07/16 07:11:07
5 Stars
I bought this watch looking for something classy, but can be worn with casual clothes as well. It looks great, however I have not worn it yet so I can't tell if it will hold up. I am still waiting to get it sized if my husband cannot do it.
Best Replica Chopard 38/8378-23 Imperiale Stainless Steel Unisex CI00846
US $242.00 / piece
Reviewed by: John Morgan From USA North Miami Beach/ Miami/ Florida
Date: 01/07/16 05:56:32
5 Stars
I purchased this Best Replica Chopard 38/8378-23 Imperiale Stainless Steel Unisex CI00846 watch and from the first time I saw it on, it is beautiful and classic looking. I am so glad I bought it. I plan to wear it on my cruise with all my dressy items. It will also look terrific with Jeans. Thanks so much.
Mille Miglia Chopard 168992-3001 Stainless Steel Tang CM02112 Watches
US $272.00 / piece
Reviewed by: isaac corniel From Espana Cordoba
Date: 01/06/16 22:52:17
4.5 Stars
A great quality watch for a [...]timex price!
Chopard CH08160 Happy Sport Silver Mens
US $261.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Debbie Beck From Italy Vicenza
Date: 01/06/16 11:43:27
4 Stars
The plastic dial cover scratched badly on the first day - and I am a middle-aged housewife! For camping trips in RVs with paved hikes, only!
1:1 Replica Chopard 378209-33 CI04251 Imperiale Stainless Steel Round Watches
US $246.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Tiffany Cullen From United Kingdom Fradley
Date: 01/06/16 07:06:52
4.5 Stars
This watch is great quality and really cool but it is SO BIG. I mean, I know it's supposed to be big. That's the style but it looked weird on my husband's arm and he said it felt really heavy. So I returned it.
Replica Chopard CM08381 Buckle Mens Watches
US $266.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Joeseph M From United States Redlands
Date: 01/05/16 21:10:01
4 Stars
I love how this Chopard watch looks, feels and operates but it scratches very easily unfortunately.
Replica Chopard 27/8250-23 Happy Sport Hidden Deployment Quartz CH07768 Watches
US $272.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Anne w From South Africa Bedfordview Guateng
Date: 01/05/16 18:19:15
4 Stars
Great Happy Sport watch in perfect condition. Really fast shipping.Perfeckt seller.Recommend!
Replica Mille Miglia Chopard 1689973001RBR Stainless Steel Mens CM03608
US $265.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Ronnie's Computer Service From Wales, Uk Swansea
Date: 01/05/16 02:31:09
4 Stars
I'm very happy with my purchase. I have a small wrist, and this watch is perfect! Smaller than most sports watches, very light, and also cute enough to wear for every day!
Chopard 274189-5007 CH04498 Rose Gold Round Watches
US $260.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Joseph Scully From USA Morristown
Date: 01/04/16 07:06:23
4.5 Stars
Very dark, bold, tough look, yet sofisticated. The black color matches with everything. If you don't like bold or bulky, then this watch isn't for you.
Mille Miglia Chopard 168511-3002 Tang Automatic CM02333 Sold Online
US $281.00 / piece
Reviewed by: shauna strope From Indonesia Jakarta Timur
Date: 01/03/16 13:14:27
4.5 Stars
This is an awesome Replica Mille Miglia watch. It is huge on the wrist and looks great. the band is very comfortable and the photo of the watch does not do the face justice. This is a lot of watch for the money.
Chopard 27/8892-23 Happy Sport Tang Quartz CH07393 Watches
US $276.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Tran Nguyen From Greece Kalli/poli Rafina
Date: 01/02/16 22:10:04
Top Replica Happy Sport Chopard 27/8280-23/11 Round Quartz CH07073 Watches
US $261.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Bruce Sparo From Belgium Geraardsbergen
Date: 01/02/16 06:50:31
4.5 Stars
I have to agree with previous reviews on the quality of the Top Replica Happy Sport Chopard 27/8280-23/11 Round Quartz CH07073 Watches watch. Very beautiful, high quality on the band.
Chopard La Strada 41/8357 CL01878 Quartz Womens
US $249.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Maggie C From India Puducherry
Date: 01/02/16 04:45:53
4.5 Stars
This is a great buy for two watches. The band is very lightweight and comfortable. The colors go good with anything. This set is certainly recommended!
Replica Chopard Happy Sport CH08153 Silver Mens
US $263.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Jeffrey k From USA Omaha
Date: 12/31/15 09:48:06
4.5 Stars
It's GREAT=thanks!! i will recommend this online shop to my friends, it is very reliable
Chopard CH08157 Happy Sport Buckle Quartz
US $268.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Heidi Tilton From France, Metropolitan Paris
Date: 12/31/15 08:43:34
4 Stars
Great Product and Price...Excellent Communications ....Fast Shipping A++++++
Luxury Replica Chopard Happy Sport 27/8893-23 CH02845 Hidden Deployment Womens Watches USA
US $270.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Josephina S From United States Pikesville, Md
Date: 12/31/15 07:54:20
5 Stars
This watch is big, bold and heavy. Very classy and you know it's sitting on your wrist.
Chopard Happy Sport 27/8256-23 CH06818 Yellow Gold Womens
US $270.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Denise Arnold From United States Atlanta
Date: 12/30/15 17:51:49
4.5 Stars
thanks for the tip design is much better than expected
H Chopard 161275-5001 Rose Gold Round CH06731 Watches
US $269.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Amy Sue Dudley From Chile Concepción
Date: 12/30/15 15:39:32
4.5 Stars
I was skeptical before I bought the watch thinking it would look cheap, but it is gorgeous! Very expensive looking. Even though the diamonds are tiny it is just enough. Don't hesitate to buy.
High Quality Replica Mille Miglia Chopard Buckle Mens CM08377 Watch
US $269.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Rachel Opperman From United States Flushing
Date: 12/30/15 10:56:24
4 Stars
Picked up this watch and I love it! Its a heavy watch and definitely feels bomb proof. I got the dark wood and the wood grain shows through very well. It looks exactly as shown in the picture above which was a plus. The only funky thing is that the face of the watch is small so it takes a little getting use to but wasnt a big deal. Great High Quality Replica Mille Miglia Chopard Buckle Mens CM08377 Watch watch
Replica Chopard Buckle Mens CH08146
US $269.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Evelyn S From United States Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: 12/29/15 20:39:58
Chopard CC09303 Black Womens Watch
US $263.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Janet Atteberry From Canada Winnipeg
Date: 12/29/15 01:02:19
4 Stars
Love this watch so much I got both the animal prints!! get tons of compliments
Replica Chopard Pink Gold Automatic CC09306 Watches
US $259.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Melissa Sample From Singapore Blk 18
Date: 12/28/15 04:41:34
4 Stars
This Replica Chopard watch I hope works okay. It is a Christmas gift and it looked as if it had already been sent to someone and returned. The watch looks fabulous but I read a conflicting review with someone returning the watch. AT first the watch was out of stock and then magicallly showed up at the door. I hope it is not the returned watch that didn't work.
Imitation Chopard 16/8457-3002 Stainless Steel Deployment CM04436 Watches
US $280.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Shoichi Uno From United States Alpharetta
Date: 12/27/15 14:42:15
5 Stars
In addition to everyday use it has many other features that I like (compass, temperature measuremant, etc
Replica Chopard 15/8992/3 Mille Miglia Round Automatic CM02666 Watches
US $272.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Evangelos Vojazidakis From Malaysia Sri Manjung,perak
Date: 12/26/15 11:12:49
4 Stars
I bought this Chopard watch for my sister and she loves it. It looks great! I would recomend the watch to anyone who is looking for good quality and affordable price!
Chopard Imperiale 37/8210-33 CI05042 Round Mens Watches USA
US $245.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Portia N From Slovak Republic Bratislava
Date: 12/26/15 06:07:52
4.5 Stars
Great for everyday use where it migh be subject to banks and scrapes. Yardwork for one!
Chopard Happy Sport Buckle Quartz CH08152 Watch Online Sale
US $271.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Katrin From United Kingdom Preston
Date: 12/25/15 21:18:22
5 Stars
I bought a watch for both of my daughters and they love them! I even borrow them from time to time! They're so cute and different and we always get compliments!
Mille Miglia Chopard Automatic Mens CM08376 Watches
US $276.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Sue m From United States Juneau
Date: 12/25/15 18:21:05
4.5 Stars
I really like the functions of this watch and how easy to use it is, however, its construction is terrible. The design of how the straps to hold onto the watch itself is fairly fragile and comes apart easily.
Designer Chopard Buckle Womens CC09299 Watch
US $263.00 / piece
Reviewed by: simopoulos christos From Australia Hawthorn, Vic
Date: 12/25/15 14:45:01
4.5 Stars
Nice looking Designer Chopard Buckle Womens CC09299 Watch watch, but compass fell off after 2 weeks and the ring with the numbers pops off on a regular basis. Not to be used on a daily basis.
Replica Chopard 158457-3001 CM00386 Mille Miglia Round Automatic US
US $265.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Shap - From England Southampton
Date: 12/25/15 08:23:51
4 Stars
I really like this Chopard Replica watch, and it is such a great deal. BUT it is definitely a factory second. the hour hand is about 10-15 minutes fast. If it is 5 min to 4, the hour hand will already be past 4. The other issue is that if you look close at the indentations near the bezel, the black finish is discoloured.
Replica Chopard 16/2235 LUC Rectangle Mens CL06316 Watch
US $240.00 / piece
Reviewed by: MsOklahomaPlusAmerica From U.S.A Rancho Viejo
Date: 12/25/15 04:57:56
4.5 Stars
I bought them for my husband but unfortunately, they are women Replica Chopard 16/2235 LUC Rectangle Mens CL06316 Watch watch. I returned them.
Replica Chopard 15/8933-3001 Round Deployment CM06364 Watches US
US $266.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Carmen From Austria St.p?lten
Date: 12/24/15 19:04:57
5 Stars
Fantastic Replica Chopard watch, I love it very much, I will introduce this website to my friends. Thank you!
Replica 1:1 Chopard Buckle Automatic CC09302 Watches
US $260.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Tiago Kimsey From France Quesnoy Sur Deule
Date: 12/24/15 02:09:59
Replica Chopard CH08156 Happy Sport Security Clasp Quartz Watch
US $269.00 / piece
Reviewed by: chriss long From Deutschland Vordorf
Date: 12/24/15 00:38:12
4.5 Stars
My husband was thrilled with this case and loved the size (not too big and not too small). It is well constructed and came beautifully wrapped and presented.
Chopard 27/8895-23/11 CH06137 Happy Sport Square Womens
US $258.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Chris Ludwig From Bolivia Andradina / Sp
Date: 12/23/15 19:30:19
4.5 Stars
Glad I purchased it -I got the black on black and I love it. It's much lighter than I expected it to be, and that makes it comfortable to wear. The leather is a little plastic-y, but overall the watch looks great and is stylish. I was worried this was a large men's watch, but it fits my small wrists perfectly fine.
Mille Miglia Chopard Brown Buckle CM08379 Watches
US $275.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Randa Heintz From Germany Dusseldorf
Date: 12/23/15 14:52:14
4.5 Stars
I've had Mille Miglia Chopard Brown Buckle CM08379 Watches watches for years and have never been let down by styling, quality or workmanship.
Mille Miglia Chopard 16/8955 Stainless Steel Automatic CM00363 Watches
US $267.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Taxplanners Pty Ltd From Australia Thomastown
Date: 12/23/15 11:05:16
5 Stars
Oh my gosh, what a wow! Would love a matching ring & pendant. I would buy & love just as a bangle- the watch is a bonus. Much better than an item like this on the Q ladies.
Chopard 168997-3001 CM01121 Mille Miglia Round Fold-through Deployment Watch AU
US $278.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Karen Mooren From Canada Candiac
Date: 12/22/15 22:44:12
Replica Chopard 16/8902 Mille Miglia Automatic Mens CM06402
US $276.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Isabel Sanchez From Espa?a Malia?o
Date: 12/22/15 21:08:28
Cheap Replica Chopard CC09305 Butterfly Clasp Womens Watches
US $270.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Nikolas Jelic From Slovakia Kosice
Date: 12/22/15 01:48:20
5 Stars
Another beautiful watch by Victoria. A timeless antique look at a great price!
Replica Chopard 161889-5001 Mille Miglia Rose Gold Tang CM04949 Watch
US $270.00 / piece
Reviewed by: JRC Promotions From Espa?a Alacant
Date: 12/21/15 18:47:13
4 Stars
Wow...what a nice Replica Mille Miglia watch. Shows evidence of fine quality and craftsmanship. Nice lines and detail. Certainly a welcome addition to my husband'sexisting collection. Glad we got it...Thanks/TakeCare
Chopard Happy Sport Silver Automatic CH08161 Watch
US $276.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Todd Ortman From Netherlands Velserbroek
Date: 12/21/15 18:10:06
5 Stars
it was a great watch, my friend loves it very much!!
Copy Chopard CH08147 Happy Sport Black Quartz Watch
US $270.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Alexander Krakhmalev From England Maidstone
Date: 12/20/15 19:08:13
Chopard Happy Sport 27/8237-23 CH01212 Yellow Gold Quartz Watches
US $264.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Andy Kuehn From United Kingdom Cardiff
Date: 12/20/15 10:13:51
4.5 Stars
very happy with my order.thank you...Will order again for sure.....

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